Patricia J. Morrison LMT, LLCC, LEd — Owner of Bodywork Sage

Holistic Practitioner, Educator, and
Advocate of Healing

"Bodywork Sage is a sanctuary of healing — steeped in discovery of the human condition as it translates into the physical plane. My 25+ years experience and education have taught me the perspective that our physical illnesses and pains are important signals of deeper disharmonies in the psyche and spirit — all of which can disturb the healthy cellular communication in the body. Any disruptions or imbalances must be addressed at deeper levels if real healing is to occur.  Various modalities are utilized to restore proper cellular communication; they also have a unique capacity to unlock the connections in the mind-body. By God's grace, I have — and continue to — assist others in their healing, opening deeper to a more balanced way of living."

— Patricia J. Morrison